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A Quick Election Day Poll for Sales: How Are Sellers Using LinkedIn?

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by Mike on November 6, 2012

It’s a great day in America, and a great day to be an American. Maybe one of the best. We don’t do politics on this site, but I am unashamedly a proud American and a patriot at heart. I love this nation. I am thankful for our freedom. And I am always moved by powerful emotions on Election Day. Sure, I’ve got my political passions and care deeply about the outcome of the election. But even more so, I am moved by the peaceful, orderly and safe process by which we elect officials and transfer power in this nation. We are indeed blessed to live here in the Land of the Free.

Since it’s Election Day, I would like to ask you to vote just one more time. You won’t need to wait in line or fight off poll workers handing you political leaflets. And the whole process will take less than two minutes. My friend and one of America’s top sales experts, Jill Konrath, is conducting a survey to find out how sellers are using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an amazing tool. I’ve read my share of ebooks and articles about it, as I am sure you have too. I use it, a lot, but probably no where near its potential. You have your own thoughts about its usefulness and probably some of the same wonders about how others might be more effective deploying LinkedIn in their sales efforts.

Let’s stop wondering and actually get some answers. Jill put together this two-minute survey:

I just completed it myself and am requesting you do the same.

What’s in it for you? (I know you are asking that because if you weren’t, you probably wouldn’t be very good in sales :) ) As soon as the survey results are ready, she’ll send you a copy. You’ll learn what your colleagues and competitors are doing and also discover the best way to use LinkedIn to drive sales.

Thanks for participating. We will all benefit and learn from the results.

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